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Life Insurance Cluster Group

Life Insurance Training

We will walk you through your career path
We strongly believe that learning is a lifelong process. We do not only rely to learn from books and schools but we also believe that the valuable sharing of one another's experiences and knowledge and mistakes learnt are a better way to help educate one another more effectively. We believe that failure will not defeat us but instead it becomes a valuable reference to make us grow better and stronger. And through sharing, we will grow together.

We will walk with you in expending your life insurance business. We will assign projects according to the specialities and background of each leader. At the present, we have divisions such as Full-timer Experience Sharing, Skill-Transfer Training (especially to part-timers), Agency-building Leader development, Will & Trust Knowledge- sharing and Takaful (Muslim market), all led by leaders from different areas of expertises.

Millionaire Builder

Having a dream house and a brand new car are many young Malaysian’s goal when they begin their career life. However, with the inflation in the country as well as other challenging financial factors, it is even more difficult for the younger generation to achieve their dreams. Not only must they work hard or even multi-task, they need to be good and smart in planning and managing their finances.

However, where there is a will, there is definitely a way.

Here at SSS Group, we are always hungry to search for talents from all over walks of life to join us. We want to help you go higher in your career ladder; we want to see your achievements in your personal goals. Hence, we are here to offer you a helping hand. We want to walk together with you and most importantly, we believe that sharing is caring.

Estate Planning (Will & Trust)

Ever wonder how will you be able to distribute your assets and how is it possible to pass it on to another person when you are not around? In this ever-modernising society, more Malaysians are finally aware of the importance of asset distribution and its continuity instead of only accumulating it without having estate planning in mind.

As a professional Life Insurance Consultant, you need to know not only life insurance but also the knowledge for Will & Trust in order to assist your clients to grow and maximise their wealth through your products. Life insurance products today are not only meant for protection but they also cover Legacy Planning, Debt Cancellation, Retirement, Education and so on.


We have OCBC Bank as our strong and sound financial background to provide support facilities such as credit card and mortgage services for our clients.